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Living H2O Initiative

Three of America’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities are in Florida. The Sunshine State also boasts more than a dozen of the Top 100.

How can inner city neighborhoods be reclaimed by law-abiding citizens, making them once again safe for families to live in? Since most law-breakers are in their late teens and early twenties – and the average age of a prisoner in the U.S. is 22 years old – reaching America’s youth is a critical piece to solving the inner city puzzle.

Our Living H2O Initiative is designed to create opportunities to share the gospel – and God’s love – with young men through basketball. Risk Takers volunteers visit area basketball courts to compete with at-risk youth, offering them free bottles of cold water and sports-themed evangelistic tracts.

By engaging in spiritual conversations, Risk Takers volunteers are able to share their faith and recommend local churches to attend.

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