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Kenyan Prison Project - April 2014

Risk Takers Storm Kenya for Jesus Christ

More than nine years in the making and nine months in the planning, our recently completed Kenyan Prison Project was an unqualified success. From the time our six-man team landed in Nairobi, we hit the ground running, visiting 10 different prisons and traveling thousands of miles in just eight days.

An estimated 6,000 inmates attended our various events and each one of them heard the gospel preached without compromise and received some evangelistic literature.

We were also privileged to preach in three different churches and to train 80 prison chaplains during our stay.

In addition, our team members were featured on Kenyan television following a personal meeting with the principal secretary of the country, the third most powerful political leader in Kenya. We also met with the head of the entire Kenyan prison system among many other dignitaries.

Whereas our main purpose was to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, our team also provided humanitarian aid in the form of powdered milk, medicine, and soap for hundreds and hundreds of inmates including infant children who are incarcerated along with their mothers.

Special thanks to everyone who prayed for and/or supported our trip with their finances.

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